I would like to introduce you to the updated version of our Company’s website!

Within the last few years the information technology and the Internet have become the part of our lives. Therefore, this website is intended to be a search tool, an information access tool and a communication tool.

For the past 15 years we have built up knowledge and experience that enables us to resolve the most complex issues in the sphere of shipping management.

When you choose our Company, you can rest assured that all your requests and requirements will be catered to and will be met to the full extent, in a timely manner and, what is also important, at the optimum prices.

The point is that we strive for the customer to, figuratively speaking, forget about the request that has been sent to us, because there is not a single doubt that it will be accomplished.

My sincere hope is that this website will increase the information transparency and accessibility of our Company.

I am looking forward to fruitful cooperation with you!

Respectfully yours,

Director K. Sherbina