About the Company


RostShipService Ltd has been successfully working at the technical marine management market since 2005. The major efforts of the Company comprise the comprehensive technical marine maintenance that includes technical supply for the vessels, the arrangement of the repair works that are performed by the mobile maintenance teams, and conventional property and equipment checks. The Company has an extensive experience and an established reputation in the market. Our Company’s concept is to meet the customers’ requirements to the full extent, while keeping the prices reasonable.

Currently, the Company has two working offices that are situated in the cities of Rostov-on-Don and Astrakhan. To provide all the necessary maintenance support to the customers our warehouses accommodate marine supply reserve that is consistently refilled. The Comprehensive Marine Maintenance Department handles the incoming requests. The Transportation Service of the Company that has commercial car fleet at its disposal is responsible for deliveries.

Out experts rely on their many years’ experience to assist you and give an exhaustive advice on the issue in question.

We will find a customized approach and acceptable cooperation mode to any and all customers.

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