"RostShipService" LLC provides the following services:

- chartering of vessels for general, bulk, oversize and project cargo shipments;

- chartering of tug and tow and river type vessels for cargo shipments on inland water ways of Russian Federation within navigation period since April till December; 

- chartering of «sea-river» type vessels for cargo shipments from river ports of Russian Federation to sea ports of Black, Marmara, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas as well as on the other way from overseas sea ports to sea and river ports of Russian Federation and neighboring states;

- chartering of vessels for coastal shipments on rought of Russian Federation sea ports in the basins of Azov, Black and Caspian seas;

- agency at Rostov-on-Don, Azov, Yeisk, Taganrog and Temryuk;

- forwarding services providing full set of attendant documents;

- insurance of transit cargoes;

- transshipment and storage of cargoes at  Azov sea ports and inland river ports of Russian Federation.